Give Your Family The Best Chance To GROW!
If you’re thinking about having kids soon
and don’t know where to start,
then I’ve got the resource for you.

The Preconception Detox Checklist will guide you in removing toxins and preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy - and a healthy future baby.

Today’s World Is Increasingly
More Toxic…

Chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins are in the food we eat,
the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the personal care
products we use on our bodies. They’re literally everywhere! 
And, it’s no coincidence that fertility rates are plummeting.
That’s because many things we’re commonly exposed to can negatively
impact our fertility and the health of our (future) children.

But, not to worry – I’ve got you!
I've created a comprehensive, no-fluff guide based on
my signature 
Preconception Detox Protocol
In this FREE guide, I provide you with simple steps you can take
(starting today!) to lower your toxin load – and optimize your fertility, your health,
and the health of your future baby!

The Preconception Detox Checklist

🌿 Simple Steps to Decrease Your Toxin Load Before Getting Pregnant 🌿

This checklist is for couples who are... 

🌿 Thinking about having kids soon or currently trying to conceive

🌿 Unsure where to start to clean up their environment and body

🌿 Confused about which toxins that may be most harmful, and where they’re most commonly found (you’ll be surprised how sneaky some are!)

🌿 Overwhelmed or put off by the thought of a “detox”

Get clear, actionable steps to decreasing your toxic burden before getting pregnant
What You'll Get:

✔️An overview of the main toxins to avoid, where they’re found, and the most efficient ways to eliminate them

✔️Simple, actionable steps to minimize ongoing toxin exposures and optimize your body’s ability to effectively detox now, and in the future

✔️This valuable information does NOT come with having to spend a ton of money on supplements and will NOT leave you feeling hangry

And, the best takeaway from this FREE guide?
The opportunity for you to take action for better overall health and fertility.


Dr. Miranda Naylor, DO, IFMCP
Certified Functional Medicine Doctor

Hi, I’m Dr. Naylor!

I’m a medical doctor & women’s health expert. I help women reclaim their bodies and optimize their health through every stage of life.

Since personally overcoming my own fertility struggles, I’ve made it my mission to help women get the guidance and support they need while trying to conceive. 

Now, after conceiving two healthy sons of my own, naturally - and helping numerous women do the same, I’ve developed my signature protocol to optimally prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and a thriving child.

Ready to say ‘YES’ to a healthier body,
and give yourself - and your future baby
the best chance possible? 

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