A Root Cause Approach to Optimizing Fertility & Conceiving a Healthy Baby


Are you confused as to why you’re not getting pregnant?

Have you been struggling to conceive for months or even years?

Do you have no periods at all?

Have you had an early pregnancy loss without a clear reason why?

Are you over 35 and wondering if your age is affecting your fertility?

Are you overwhelmed by information, but still don't know what will actually work for YOU?

The problem is...
You have all the information, but you haven't identified the underlying factors keeping you from optimal fertility.

You’ve taken the time to research but you don’t know what applies to you...

“Okay, this worked for this person and that worked for that person... But it isn’t working for me! It’s so frustrating!”

You went to your doctor for help and got nowhere...

“They told me my blood tests are 'normal' and I just have to wait and see. Even the specialist has no answers for me! They just want me to start medications!”

I was once where you are too...

To get pregnant, I had to take my health into my own hands, but at first I didn't know where to start. I was overwhelmed by information and felt alone on my journey. 

It wasn't until I discovered functional medicine that I was able to uncover my own hidden health concerns including:
- thyroid disfunction
- nutrient deficiencies
- high stress
- negative mindset patterns
You don’t have to do this on your own, though.
I can help you identify the root causes
of why you’re not getting pregnant.

Then, by addressing your personal fertility roadblocks, you can optimize fertility, your health - and the health of your future baby!

Hi, I’m Dr. Naylor

Dr. Miranda Naylor, DO, IFMCP

Certified Functional Medicine Doctor

Just around Mother’s Day 2015, my husband and I were excited to start trying. I stopped using hormonal contraception and months later, still had no period. Even as a doctor in Family Medicine training, I had no idea what to do. I realized I wasn’t equipped with the right tools to: 

a) uncover what was going on with my reproductive health or... 
b) heal my body and restore my fertility.

Conventional medicine could only offer bandaids like fertility drugs...
But even those didn’t work for me!

So I dove into integrative and alternative therapies and became a certified Functional Medicine physician.

I applied what I learned to myself and my patients and the results were life-changing!

Imagine finally seeing those two pink lines on the pregnancy test, and feeling confident that your baby is getting the best start.
It isn’t a matter of IF... but 'WHEN', mama.


Save Time

Your reproductive years are precious. Don’t waste another minute worrying or guessing.

Save Money

 Doctors visits, testing, supplements, medications, procedures.. Oof, it gets expensive fast! IVF can range from $15,000 to $30,000 for just one cycle* and there is no guarantee it will even work..
Previous clients saved an average of $2800-13,000 and 2 years of guessing on their fertility journey!

*The average cost of one cycle of IVF in the US. Most couples require multiple cycles (up to 5-6).
Save the Stress

Trying to weed through information online and guess what your body needs is overwhelming and stressful. You don’t need any more stress! Learn how to identify what you need and forget the rest.

You don’t have to spend years trying to figure out your fertility like I did.
Use my experience & training to take a shortcut to YOUR optimal fertility!
Learn EXACTLY which tests you need and what they mean

Your primary doctor, OBgyn, and even reproductive endocrinologist are probably missing some key findings in your test results. I’ll discuss what tests are helpful in evaluating your fertility and WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT THEM.

Learn what lifestyle and diet changes will ACTUALLY improve your reproductive health.

STOP WASTING TIME AND ENERGY trying every diet or “hack” someone tells you worked for them. We’ll talk about the evidence-based lifestyle and diet habits that are backed by science THAT ARE SPECIFIC TO YOUR NEEDS.

 Feel confident in your fertility plan and the health of your future baby!

I’ll guide you in creating YOUR personalized plan so there’s no more guessing.. just clear action steps proven to increase your chances of healthy pregnancy.


An 8-module program to help you evaluate your reproductive health and optimize your fertility using FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE principles. 

The Foundational Fertility Program


Module 1 - Fertile Mindset
Mindset is a huge factor when it comes to trying to conceive, especially if you’ve been trying for a while or facing the stress of fertility challenges.

You will learn:
✔️ How your core beliefs can affect your fertility
✔️ How to support your relationship with yourself, your partner, and with community
✔️ How to shift into a fertile mindset when fear and frustration are getting the best of you
✔️ Maintaining this mindset during pregnancy and motherhood

Module 2 - Assessing your fertility
Knowing when you're fertile is key to getting pregnant. Learning to listen to your body’s insights will help you determine your fertile potential and better troubleshoot if things aren’t going as expected.

You will learn:
✔️ How to track your cycles and know if/when you’re ovulating.
✔️ How to tune into your body to improve your chances of getting pregnant
✔️ What tests to ask your doctor for and what they mean.
Module 3 - Rest and movement
The common “go, go, go” lifestyle is not helping your fertility. Ensuring proper sleep, stress relief, and the right kind of movement can be a game-changer for balancing hormones and boosting fertility.

You will learn:
✔️ The effects of stress and sleep on your fertility
✔️ How to optimize sleep and allow deeper healing
✔️ How to combat daily stress
✔️ The best kind of movement for your body while you’re TTC
Module 4 - Fertile foods and digestion
Not only is it important to get fertility-boosting nutrients in your diet, but also be sure that you’re appropriately digesting and absorbing those nutrients.

You will learn:
✔️ Foods that support or inhibit optimal fertility
✔️ How to balance your blood sugar
✔️ Maintaining a healthy relationship with food
✔️ Digestive issues that cam inhibit fertility 
✔️ How to optimize digestion 
Module 5 - Hormones 
All of the hormones in our body work together like an orchestra. Are your hormones making beautiful music or do they need some tuning?

You will learn:
✔️ The basics of reproductive hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.
✔️ How to assess your thyroid health, and the impact on fertility.
✔️ How stress hormones play a role.
Module 6 - Toxins and detoxification
We’re all constantly being bombarded with toxins that can have a major negative impact on fertility, not to mention our overall health.

You will learn:
✔️ Toxins in your home and environment
✔️ How to decrease the toxins you’re exposed to
✔️ Your body’s natural detoxification systems and how to support them
✔️ When to do testing for heavy metals, environmental toxins, or molds
Module 7 - Sex and pelvic health
“Let’s talk about sex, baby.” This is a juicy one where we’ll dive into how to have sex to get pregnant.

You will learn:
✔️ Timing, lube, and positions - oh my!
✔️ Libido and sexual satisfaction
✔️ Connecting with your partner even when sex feels like a chore
✔️ Pelvic health and blood flow
Module 8 - Beyond the basics
When and how to get more support if you’re still not getting pregnant

You will learn:
✔️ When to work one-on-one with a functional medicine doctor
✔️ How to advocate for yourself with your primary doctor, Obgyn, or another specialist
✔️ Supplements that can further support fertility

What You’ll Learn

Join the LIVE program!




8 live masterclasses with 30 minutes of teaching and plenty of time for questions

recordings of each class (in case you can't make it live or want to rewatch later)

handouts and worksheets to help you put things into action


Bonus #1: Male Fertility Factors

This bonus video will discuss the specific factors that most affect male fertility, how to test male fertility, and how to boost male fertility in just 90 days.

Bonus #2: Private Foundational Fertility Facebook Group.

You're not alone on this journey. 

You'll get lifetime access to our private facebook group to ask questions in real time and get support from the Foundational Fertilty community.

Bonus #3: Newly updated Fertility nutrition guide and Lab guide

A comprehensive resource guide on the lab tests that I use to assess fertility - and what they mean. 

You can use this to ask your doctor for specific tests.

Bonus #4: NEW ready-to-use action item checklist

An item checklist to remind you exactly what your priority areas are and what you’re doing on a daily basis to optimize your fertility in 90 days


What is the refund policy?
If you aren’t satisfied, just reach out to us within 7 days and we’ll issue a 100% refund. 
Will I get pregnant?
No expert can guarantee conception. However, I can guarantee that if you put in the work and apply what you learn in this course, you will improve your overall health and chances of conception.
I haven’t started trying to conceive yet.. Is this program for me?
Yes! The best time to start improving your fertility is now. By doing this work before trying to conceive, you’ll increase your odds of conceiving more quickly and having a healthy child.
I’ve been trying to get pregnant for years. Will this program help me?
Yes! If you haven’t worked with a functional medicine doctor before, you can still benefit from gaining this insight and optimizing your reproductive health in ways you haven’t before.
I’m planning to do IVF or egg freezing. Will this still help?
Yep! Optimizing your reproductive health will increase your chances of successful inception!
I’ve spent so much time and money on this journey already... How is this different?
Often on our fertility journey we try every possible thing that might help. This leaves us spinning our wheels, and spending a lot on supplements and doctor’s visits that don’t give us any clarity. This program will help you create a fertile lifestyle to boost your overall health and give clarity on what your body needs.
Why should I learn from you?
I’m a board-certified physician and fertility warrior who has helped couples just like you identify root causes of infertility to get and stay pregnant.
How is this different?
Often on our fertility journey, we try every possible thing that might help. This usually means spending a lot of money on supplements and doctor’s visits that may not even help. This program will give you proven action steps to implement into your life now, so you know exactly what to do.


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